Diversity and Beyond
Diversity and Beyond


We offer Diversity and Inclusion advisory, consultancy, coaching and support services to clients in a range of industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below:

Diagnostic Study 


Our Diversity and Inclusion diagnostics, audit and assessments is based on over 10 years of diagnostic experience for clients in IT, Mobile, Professional Accounting and FMCG among other sectors. We offer rich insights based on diagnostics concerning our client's strategy, action plan, programs, work culture, Key HR processes and metrics.

Define Business Imperative


Over 20 years of research demonstrates a correlation between organisations with high gender diversity in leadership and several measures of organisational success. Fortune 500 companies with the most women on board of directors often out perform companies with the least. We help our clients crystallize their business case for Diversity and Inclusion

Strategy and goal Development


We have successfully developed and deployed award-winning diversity strategies for national and global organisations consistently recognised as some of the most diverse employers. We develop strategies and goals  based on data analytics, HR insights, and business alignment. The goals are measured on a range of parameters including internal engagement, retention and external recognition 

Diversity Programs and tools


Our programs have helped clients in becoming the front-runners in the leadership space and have significantly impacted the representation of diverse talent at all levels. Some of our programs include:

  • Mentoring and sponsorship program for women and culturally diverse people
  • Internship programs for diverse talent
  • Tools to embed diversity in key HR processes 


Metrics and reporting 


Our metrics and reporting templates and processes have helped companies keep close tab on progress and take informed decisions based on valuable insights. 


Diversity and Beyond specializes in assisting large to medium-sized businesses keen to build or strengthen its Diversity and Inclusion mandate driven by benefits to business, legal reasons or because it is the right thing to do.