Diversity and Beyond
Diversity and Beyond

Industries Served

We have proudly served clients from a wide range of industries, including:
  • A leading Canadian bank
  • A Professional Accounting Firm
  • Not for Profit Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Companies in the Information-Technology sector

Some of the organisations served include:

  • An extremely successful accounting firm that has been a winner of Canada's Best Diversity Employer Awards for 7 years!

    The gap in diversity leadership was leading to low momentum and diversity fatigue. Our Principal Consultant rebuilt and re-energized the diversity steering committee and developed an award-winning strategy which put diversity and inclusion back into high gear.

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  • This large firm is known to hire over 40% visible minorities (VM) or people of color at entry level, while its Executive team had no Visible Minorities and only 9% of employees at the partnership level consisted of minorities. The firm wanted to address this through root cause analysis, strategy development, and formation of a committee for action planning.

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  • This bank has over 35,000 employees across its Canadian and US locations. Having completed its previous four-year Diversity goals successfully for women and visible minorities, they were looking for a competent consultant to develop goals for all four segments: women, visible minorities, Aboriginal Canadians and people with disabilities. This was done through the use of analytics, key data points, the application of diversity insights, rigor, and extensive consultation.

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Our highly impactful and interactive training programs have helped thousands of employees across all levels across many organizations in North America, Europe and Asia.